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A prestigious Coimbatore based IT Hardware & Software consulting firm having rich and varied experience in handling of futuristic OFFICE AUTOMATION products with a clear vision to satisfy the growing market needs.

right-people-right-ideasFounded and established in the year 2007 by a team of computer professionals with more than 20+ years vast experience at different levels in IT majors . The company has world class marketing, distribution and servicing infrastructure facilities.

We are well known name in the industry for our speed and accuracy , Which go hand in hand. Constant attention to Quality, Superb customer service, commitment to work and accuracy parameters at every level, Efficient & Effective service practices backed up with an ADVANCED TEST AND REPAIR FACILITY, seasoned Engineers, Dynamic, team of professionals, fully equipped administrative office, Dedicated personnel’s and our reputation in the field is our biggest assets and with a vision to focus on TECHNOLOGY UPGRADATION and new EMERGING TRENDS, e-Ware in a short span of time has established itself as one of the leader in THIRD PARTY MAINTENANCE AND SERVICES.

Our Mission

people-at-e-wareTo help our clients meet the complex needs of business growth with IT Enabled Hardware & software solutions and services delivered in a manner that builds lasting partnerships.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of solutions for IT automation industry and on any device on all major platforms.

Customer-Centric Approach

In all our business activities, we place paramount importance on Customer focus seeking to maximize customer satisfaction by approaching things from our customer perspectives and anticipate there needs. Collaborating is also a hallmark of our approach, and we strive to serve as a trusted partner rather than a simply a IT enabled services company.

People at é-Ware

Our people are our greatest assets. We have specialised consultants in our chosen industry segments who are driven and passionate to make a positive contribution to our customers business. Here’s what we think goes in to the making of an ‘Enzenite’.


To understand and discern the various facets of a business problem and to find the right solution calls for a sharp analytical mind and an in depth knowledge of the business. We follow a policy of hiring the very best of intellectual talent in our chosen verticals and then back them with an atmosphere that fosters continuous learning and skill upgradation

Ability to dream

Success is first conceived and achieved in the mind and then out there in the market place. We look for people who have the ability and courage to dream of ideas and solutions that may look improbable initially but can deliver great business value over time. We believe that people who have the self belief and an inclination for breakthrough thinking will be the most powerful change agents for business.

Passionate Focus on Customer

We believe in creating solutions which fit the customer needs instead of readjusting the customer processes to suit the delivered solution. We are committed to go the extra mile to ensure that our solutions deliver lasting value to our customer’s business.


about-usWe believe that teamwork creates better and quicker solutions as well as more opportunities than individuals working alone. We hire only people who are capable of being excellent team players and create an atmosphere where team work is encouraged and rewarded.


  • Customer Delight: A commitment to continually surpass our customer expectations.
  • Innovation & Pursuit of Excellence: A commitment to strive relentlessly, to constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products so as to deliver highest value to our customers.
  • Leadership by Example: A commitment to set standards in our business and transactions and be an example for the industry and our own teams.
  • Integrity and Transparency: A commitment to be ethical, sincere and open in our dealings.


Our alliance program is focused on building partnerships with product or solution vendors who have a unique offering specific to the industry segments that we are in. We look for partnership opportunities where all interested stakeholders benefit – Ourselves, our partners as well as our customers.

Our Philosophy

We forge alliances with the industry specific product or solution vendors who have unique offerings that will provide quick and lasting business value to our customers. Our knowledge practitioners, with extensive experience on our chosen verticals, are on a constant look out for niche product or solutions that can deliver significant business benefits to our customers. With our experience and knowledge in the industry as well as with our knowledge of the market, we believe we can help product and solution vendors, find new markets and expand in to geographies where we have a presence.